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Mtuition WeClass 2016-2017 Price List
Foundation Classes (suitable to children with basic reading skills)
WeClass Name Pupil's age Timetable Fees
Maths Enlighten 3-5 Sunday 10:45-11:15 £60 a term
Oxford Reading Tree 4-7 Sunday 15:00-15:30am £89 a term, £249 a year
Weekly Story all age Sunday 12:00-12:30 £89 a term, £249 a year

Intermediate Classes (suitable to children with appropriate reading skills)
WeClass Name Pupil's age Timetable Fees
Maths Foundation (including homeworks) 6-8 Sunday 11:30-12:00 £60 a term; £180 a year.
Natural History (including homeworks and marking) 4-11 Sunday 10:00-10:30 £149 a term, £390 a year.
English Grammar (including homeworks and marking) 7-10 Sunday 17:00-17:30 £149 a term; £390 a year.
Foundation English Writing (including homeworks and marking) 7-10 Sunday 16:00-16:30 £149 a term; £390 a year.

Advanced Classes (suitable to children with more advanced reading skills)
WeClass Name Pupil's age Timetable Fees
11+Prep (including homeworks and marking) 8-11 Wednesday19:00-19:30,Sunday18:00-18:30 £149 a term, £390 a year
English Classics (including homeworks and marking) 6-10 Sunday12:45-13:15 £149 a term, £390 a year.
13+Prep (including homeworks and marking) 11-14 Wednesday16:45-17:15 £169 a term
Junoir Challenge (including homeworks and marking) 8-14 Sunday17:15-17:45 £189 a term.
Weekly News 7-14 Sunday16:00-16:30 £129 a term.

Remark: the age for each class is only for the parents' references. Classes need to be selected base upon the reading level of each child. There are 10 sessions for each class each term, each session will take 30 minutes. The parents need to supervise the children while having WeClasses, due to contacting and using of Internet. 以上价格仅供网络开发人员参考。

Mtuition WeClass Membership 2016.09-2017.08
Member's level One term One year Member's discount
Gold Membership (suitable for choosing 2+ courses) £59 £147 Other than writing classes, 20% off for all classes, taster sessions are free.
Platinum Membership (suitable for choosing 5+ courses) £175 £465 Writing class are 20% off, other courses are 50% off, taster sessions are free.

Remarks: all teaching materials will be available for extra two weeks after finished, the platinum year members can access the course materials freely within the year.

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