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About Us

Mtuition provides high standard tuition in Maths, English, Science and many other subjects. We now focus on the WeClass (class on mobile, internet class) - no matter where you are, as long as you have internet, you can learn from us the correct knowledge and skills which one can rarely learn from schools. We also provide one-to-one tuition, via Skype as well as face-to-face. Our high teaching quality helped a lot of pupils to realise the beauty of maths and begin to love to study.

About Mtuition

Mtuition is part of Machuan Education, which was founded in 2011 by Dr Zhao - a former maths lecturer of the University of Kent.

Our goal

We aim to help the pupils to improve their grades in important exams, such as 11+, GCSE, IB and A-level. More importantly, we help the pupils gain the ability in analysis, problem solving and logical thinking.

Teaching Philosophy

We cultivate the thinking abilities of children, encourage their curiosity in learning and make the study fun. We hope our sincerity, integrity and dedication in teaching can help our pupils to master the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as gain the ability of independent thinking and problem solving.

Our location

Mtuition resides at the central location of the famous historical medieval city - Canterbury. To our WeClass pupils, as long they have internet, they can learn from us.

WeClass - Class on Mobile

We have now maths and English WeClass for children age 4-10. More WeClass will be available in winter term 2016-2017. From our WeClass, children can learn the knowledge and skills they can't from the school. Our inspiring teaching methods will benefit them in their study greatly.

Teaching excellence

Teach the correct knowledge

Answer doubts and questions

Affordable price

Down to the earth price

Starting from £30 per term

No matter where you are

Take the WeClass via internet

No need to travel

various subjects

Maths and English WeClass are running

Science WeClass in planning

Teaching materials

Novel teaching materials are created

according to the National Curriculum

Learning in comfort and convenience

Timetable is made on request

Lessons can be listened repeatedly

One to one tuition

Our teachers have rich experiences in teaching students one to one either face to face or via Skype. In the past, we have helped many students from King's School Canterbury, St Edmund's School Canterbury, Simon Langton Grammar School, QE Grammar School Faversham, Dartford Grammar School, The Judd School, as well as top 10 universities to prepare their GCSE, IB and Alevel exams. Want to improve your grades and gain confidence in learning? Contact us now!

Education Blog

In our blog, we will share our education methods and experiences with you. Many articles which analyse important exams of 11+, GCSE and A-level will be updated often.

21st May 2016  

Westminster School Challenge - Mental Test

Westminster School has been the number 1 school in the UK for years. Its underschool has 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams for talented boys. Now let's analyse its 11+ mental challenge test. The skills required in the exams are important.

26th January 2016  

How to learn logical thinking?

Logic is the branch of philosophy concerned with the use and study of valid reasoning. As many parents are concerned, logical skills will be tested in the 11+ common entrance exams, appear as verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

06th January 2016  

Edexcel 2014 C2 exam paper analysis

Students complained about the Alevel exams are getting harder. But the knowledge they have tested have not changed. The problem solving skills and logic behind it should have been taught in the primary school.


We are looking for our WeClass one maths teacher and two English teachers. Teachers for other subjects such as Spanish, French, Latin and Science are also welcome to apply.


meet our team

All our teachers and staff are highly qualified in the job. From maths lecturer to famous actor, from elocution teacher to Baronet, from 'Dr' to 'Sir', all of us are aiming to provide the best learning experience to children all over the world.

Dr Zhao

Dr Zhao

Sir Ackroyd

Sir Ackroyd

Elocution Teacher

Mr Simandl

Elocution Teacher

Mrs Ince

English Teacher